Meet Our Staff

  • Dr.
    Shilpa Vernekar

    Dr. Vernekar is the founder of Columbus Children's Clinic. She completed her residency from Lincoln Medical Center, NY in 2011, and has been practicing pediatrics ever since serving the local Columbus and Phenix City area for over 11 years. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, member of Georgia Chapter and is Board certified in General Pediatrics. She has been on the pediatric faculty since 2012 and currently serves as the Chair for the Pediatric Department at Piedmont Columbus Regional Hospital. When not working Dr. Vernekar spends time reading, exercising, cooking, and spending time with family.

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  • Dr.
    Lucienne Valcourt

    Professional Experience
    - Dr. Lucienne Valcourt received her Medical degree from SUNY- HSCAB in Brooklyn, NY in 1992. She completed her General Pediatrics Residency at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, NY.
    - Dr. Valcourt is a Board Certificate Pediatrician and has been in practices for more than 25 years.
    - Dr. Valcourt is married and has 3 adult children. In her spare time. she likes to travel. read, run and play tennis. 

    - Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics
    - Staff Member of Piedmont Columbus Regional
    - Medical Licensure: Georgia and Alabama 

  • Dr.
    Shobha Haridas

    Dr. Shobha Haridas, a Board Certified Pediatrician ,completed her residency program in Pediatrics from St. Luke’s -Roosevelt Hospital Center, NY and Howard University Hospital , Washington, D.C in 1998 . She is a fellow of the American Academy of pediatrics. 

    She practiced general pediatrics in the Kentucky and West Virginia for 23 years before moving to Columbus, GA to be close to family. She lives with her husband and enjoys traveling, gardening, and reading in her spare time.

  • Ms. Priscila Neil

    Ms. Priscila Neil has nearly two decades of dedicated service and experience as a board-certified physician assistant in pediatrics. Her wealth of knowledge is matched only by her exceptional rapport with children and families. Patients consistently express their admiration for her compassionate care and warm demeanor. In her leisure hours, she chooses to spend quality time with her beloved family, read, and travel


    I am so impressed with the staff and the doctor at this facility. This is coming from a person who has worked in the medical field over 10 years. The medical assistants and the women who work the check-in and check-out desk are so kind and understanding. The office is clean and comfortable. My baby is always in a great mood when she goes because the staff and doctor are so calming. I would highly recommend this office to anyone. I would also like to give a special thanks to SHILPA VERNEKAR as a first time mom she made me feel confident and gave me very helpful tips to help my baby sleep better. She is very educated, well spoken, and most of all she is wonderful at what she does. She also made sure that my baby was healthy by checking her until she was positive that she was okay. I couldn't ask for a better doctor for my child. The only complaint I have is that she can't be my doctor!!! Thanks to Dr. SHILPA VERNEKAR and her STAFF!!! The Sanks Family.


    So far, the best doctor for my kids!


    I have been taking my daughter to Dr. Palmos since she was 3, in 2011. Still going! (It's now 2018.) They've always been helpful, competent, and prescribed what was needed to make things better. The only problem is long wait times, but from what I've experienced, that's a problem in ALL doctor offices. I have no complaints about Dr. Palmos or her staff.

    Ashley P

    I have nothing to say but great things about this clinic. I have been bringing my children with Dr. Palmos for more than a decade now and she is the best. I would not want any doctor for my kids other than her. She is very attentive and very flexible with my babies issues. She & all her staff are very warm & friendly too


    Dr. Vernekar is a very caring, knowledgeable pediatrician. My wife and I bring both of our children to see her. She is a good listener who worked very closely with us, when we mentioned that we thought we were seeing signs of Autism in our beautiful baby boy. She advocated for us and helped us get the right help and a very early diagnosis for our son. Which in turn is helping us break through.


    The best pediatricians to take your kiddos to. My kids love seeing Dr. V when they’re sick

    Jennifer R.

    Dr. V is our family pediatrician, and she is great. Both my kids have been going to her since they were babies, and we are so grateful to have her as our doctor.


Welcome to Columbus Children's Clinic

Your neighborhood Pediatricians.

We are your neighborhood pediatricians serving Columbus and the neighboring areas.  As board certified child care specialists, our only focus and passion is helping you keep your kids healthy and happy. 
Experience our outstanding primary pediatric healthcare services such as check ups, immunizationssports physicals,  newborn care, and sick visits.  Discover how we take very seriously our role as your most able and reliable partner in providing the best care for your most precious little ones.

Our staff & I look forward to earning your trust and confidence. Let us establish a long lasting partnership and friendship. We would love to have you as one of the delighted members of our Columbus Children's Clinic family.

Please call our office if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.

For appointments please call 706 322 5526


Flu  shot are available from October  through June.

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